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Business History

Lisa's e-Store and More was founded in Alberta, Canada in May 2014.

It all started with Lisa’s Sober Blog in February 2014. I am Lisa. I was in my first year of sobriety. Sometimes I could not sleep for days. I also didn't have my driver's licence because of the drinking. I was living in the country and didn't have a job. I considered, "What could I do?” I could not go back to drinking, etc. I would not NOT do anything, either. I watched videos of other people devising plots to make money out there in YouTube Land from home. All of which cost a lot of money, needed a person to be exceptionally skilled in speaking, beautiful, intelligent... I thought, what could someone like me do? No trade. Minimal secondary schooling. No licence. No vehicle. I was never the kind of person to give up but honestly, I was a wreck. And slow. And sick. Certainly not exceptionally skilled in speaking, particularly beautiful or intelligent.

I thought, how can I give back? How could I, after all this, possibly give back to society? So anyway, I decided to see if I could build a viable business from where I was, with who I was. After all, I could work on becoming skilled at speaking, being beautiful and I believed that I could regain some natural intelligence with dedication and hard work. As I was working at this, I could eventually show others what I had done and they would be able to do it too.

First of all, I had minimal funds. I went through all of my belongings, much had been given through friends and family and through various marketplaces, I sold almost anything and everything I could and used the money to build and fund my first e-commerce website. I had plenty of time on my hands and spent sleepless nights planning, learning and working.

I had been selling physical products of varying kind from second-hand books to shirts. I had made and saved enough to build a website and register a business. The business plan has evolved several times, into advertising and marketing of Lisa's Sober Blog and The New Lisa L'Heureux, as well as continually instructing, teaching and consulting in personal growth, business, finance and Social Media skills.

Ok. So what do I believe? I believe that everyone has a contribution. Whatever it may be. Lisa’s is a part of my contribution. When I was thirteen I tried to kill myself. I was unsuccessful and chose not to try again but lived a life fraught with struggle. As I lived, I believed that my story would make a difference for someone. I was a writer since I was a little girl. I once broke my hand and as it was healing in a cast, I wrote while sitting on Stephen Avenue Mall, Downtown Calgary. I yearn to build a legacy, however humble, for my children and the children I have helped to raise and have loved as if they were my own. I am building from this broken past that anyone can learn more about from my blogs, Social Media and YouTube. On this path, my desire is to be a part of a support system for as many other people as possible. To this end, I am a trained Peer Support Worker.

Even as I worked on selling various things on my website, which had never really caught on at the time, I kept writing. The whole thing started with Lisa's Sober Blog in February 2014. That was my first "website", although it never cost me a dime and never has. I had always intended to write books and sell them at Lisa’s e-Store and More. Since then, I have been writing books available in the store on site. I intend to sell my art on the website too and am excited to be bringing that to Lisa's A.S.A.P. As time goes on, there will be more new and exciting gifts available. The services at Lisa’s are meant to be a gift to yourself or to someone else; Lisa’s is a unique and luxury brand. There is no other. Since their release in 2015 through 2016, The Lisa's Sober Blog Books Gift Pack has been a consistent seller with kind reviews and warm reception by our readers.

Since you are here, Lisa L'Heureux is the author of 7 books. Her work includes the Lisa's Sober Blog Series, This and the Man in the Moon and This One is About Domestic Violence. She lives in Alberta with her family. ​4+ years ago, Lisa took a life-giving "retirement", quitting practicing alcoholism. Facebook Twitter Pinterest

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