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"Lisa does my social media and I have many more likes and followers since she started taking care of my account."

"Your positive outlook on life now is wonderful."

-Sandra V.

-Ray Ray's Beauty Shop

"Lisa did the slideshow and cards for my mom's funeral. The card looks really great. I like it a lot. She made our photos into a video that played to a couple of songs my mom liked. I totally recommend Lisa. She is very professional. She had a laptop and met me at a convenient location to plan. We also spoke by phone and video chat. She listened to me, asked me what i wanted, and gave me options to choose from based on our ideas."

-Savanna H.

"Lisa is a good peer support worker. She went to court for me when I was in hospital and she has been very supportive."

-Sarah M.

On Book 1:


"Lisa provides clear insight into her journey to sobriety. Valuable for those on a similar journey, or those supporting people on this path. Anyone reading this will gain increased understanding and compassion for those who battle alcoholism."

"There's not many people I know who are achieving their goals like Lisa is. You've done really good for yourself, Lisa. You got off the booze and cigarettes. 

I buy all Lisa's books."



"For those in early sobriety, who tend to struggle with all kinds of thoughts, Lisa does a great job of illustrating the day to day journey. I think the format is refreshing, as it acts as a journal for the reader to share with the public. I have also bought Lisa's (Sober Blog) Book (2)  and (3). I would absolutely encourage people to add this book to their sobriety library."

- Michael  Dadourian  

"The business cards are awesome! They turned out really good."


"Lisa, I was really moved by what I have read and felt deeply about the abuses you have been through. I still cannot get my head around the 10 relationships filled with abuse! No one should go through that.

I really feel so sorry for you for having had to grow up like that and equally relieved to learn that you pulled through it all and have come out on top. Like you, I abhor any form of abuse against women and children. Being married with two beautiful kids, I understand how one would feel if such abuses were done to my daughter or wife. What I don't understand is how you've survived so long and make a very strong comeback! That feat is truly remarkable!

I fully support your cause. Keep up the good fight and continue to stay clear headed. I feel your pride in your accomplishments through your story and I really really am happy for you. :) 

Please continue to stay strong as you're a big inspiration for many!"

"I found great deals and had a really pleasurable shopping experience."


"I went to school with Lisa and I reconnected with her recently and realized she has had a really hard journey since I seen her last so I ordered her 3 blog books to get a better insight through her eyes and these books did just that. I am so proud of you Lisa, you are stronger than the addiction.


P.s  Books came super fast also."


"I have purchased from Lisa's e-Store and More. It is easy to use the PayPal checkout. She sent the product via Canada Post and it was there in the week."



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