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Lisa's e-Store and More

Lisa's e-Store and More's flagship product is The Lisa's Sober Blog Books Gift Pack.

L'e-Store Blog offers business tips and "how to's" for small-business and home-office entrepreneurs, professionals, and managers. Lisa's is privately owned with headquarters in Alberta, Canada.

Information on business planning, marketing and advertising can be obtained in the blog. Here you will find valuable product and service information. 


Lisa's e-Store and More founder and namesake is Lisa L'Heureux, found on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube, and other Social Media. Lisa's biography can be found at Amazon, Lisa's Sober Blog and Facebook.



Promoting Lisa L'Heureux recovery gifts and other services.


Mission Statement

Lisa's e-Store and More primarily advertises and markets products developed by Lisa's Sober Blog, which is a product of Lisa L'Heureux, for use in the Addiction Treatment Industry as well as providing useful services in a bunch of diverse areas to ultimately help others become more successful, achieve their goals and make more money. We aim to make a fair profit that our customers can afford; that supports on-going development of more great products and services. We preserve a creative, respectful, friendly, and fun work atmosphere that fosters development plans, big picture thinking, good old hard work, and commitment to providing high-quality customer service.


Business History

Lisa's e-Store and More was founded in Alberta, Canada in May 2014.


Lisa's e-Store and More was founded in Alberta, Canada, in May 2014. It is an online e-commerce website. It carries Lisa L'Heureux's books and artwork. It is a drug and alcohol recovery gift store. Additionally, via the website, Lisa L'Heureux A.K.A. Sober Lisa, can be hired to speak at functions about topics relating to domestic violence, the 60's scoop, and recovery from substance abuse. She can be hired as a professional Peer Support Worker. Lisa can also be hired to do special occasion functions of memorial brochure and video productions. Lisa is an indigenous author, artist, producer, volunteer, advocate and consultant. She encourages and inspires people. Lisa works in diverse areas to ultimately help others become more successful, achieve their goals and make more money. She thrives on personal problem solving to engage people in positive change. She is also a trained Peer Support Worker. Lisa mainly develops and represents her own products. “Happiness, Motivation and Productivity are just some of the goals in the lives of the people I work with.” (L’Heureux, 2019).

Humble Beginnings

Lisa's e-Store and More is an online business out Of Alberta, Canada. First based out of a garage, selling physical products, we still sell Lisa LHeureux Paperback Books through an online distributor. ( In this digital world, embracing technology, we decided to get out of the garage and onto the internet.


Please feel free to order from our website shop.

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