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Indigenous Author, Artist and Business Owner. Nice, professional demeanor, clean and sober for more than six years. Find Lisa L'Heureux on Social Media.


Beginner piano lessons available as an email course.

Learn how to set up Social Media accounts. Tips and how-tos for beginners! Fun and interactive! Join Lisa on Skype or Facebook live to start your journey into the wide world web of Social Media.


Online course. Have a finished painting when you're done! Skype and telephone mentoring available. Receive a detailed shopping list and an easy step-by-step to your own finished painting. Rated: Easy

Video course. Learn how you can make your own videos for advertising and marketing your own products and services! Must have intermediate knowledge of cameras, computers and the internet. Will need to be connected to Skype or Facebook Live to begin these fun, enthusiastic and educational classes. Will email the 12 class curriculum upon registration.

Peer Support:

Do you want someone to go to the courthouse with you? Lisa has been there and knows how to fill out forms and get around in there. Can also mentor you as how to dress and address the judge and even your lawyer. Have someone there on your side! Twenty dollar phone consultation to talk and work out details. If Lisa will not attend with you for any reason you will get a refund of half your consultation fee. Calgary, Alberta.

Not feeling great mentally? Do you want someone to go to the doctors with you? Lisa has been there and knows how to help fill out forms and support you in your journey. Have someone there on your side! Twenty dollar phone consultation to talk and work out details. Call 403-814-0158 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8 AM- 2 PM.

Lisa will go to a meeting with you.

Sometimes a home visit or Skype call is all we need! Call to make an appointment today. A caring Peer Support Worker will come to your home and talk about what you want to talk about concerning your plans, hopes and goals toward wellness. If your residence is more than half an hour away from our location, travel costs will be paid for by you. Book today for your free telephone consultation appointment! Your wellness is important to us.

Social Media Management:

Discontinued for 2020

Ad Packs:

Discontinued for 2020

Slideshow Video Making:

We will use your own photos and video clips to create a special gift for a loved one. You may use the video for your special event. Use for birthdays, weddings or funerals. Will provide a USB of finished product for you to keep.This is a specialized service and may not be for everyone. We do hope to work with you although we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason we do not have to disclose. Your privacy is respected.

Funeral Design:

Discontinued for 2020



Discontinued for 2020

Journey To Health Food:

Discontinued for 2020


Lisa's absolutely reserves the right to refuse services at any time for any reason we do not need to explain. We will do our utmost best to supply your needs. If for some reason we cannot, we will be happy to refund most of your payment, excepting for deposits that have been covered and money that has already been spent on supplies. Lisa is trained in Hospitality, Customer Service and Peer Support. Using our services, be it having fun, getting support or something else, we want you to have as good a day as you can.

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