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Leveraging Social Media

It might be easy to get your friends and family to like your pages and profiles but how to keep them interested and following your pages and posts? Here's a few tips on keeping the engagement you want.

1. Post relevant content- Something may be important to you but is it important to your followers? Moreover, is it important to your influencers? Bot of these groups are looking for good, shareable content. To increase traffic and followers, increase your reach by posting content relevant and shareable to your network and shareholders.

2. Post great content- How is this possible? This is a matter of getting to know your niche, your customers, your business. Make your content original. Add images and video.

3. Ask for engagement- One of the best things to do to get what you want is to ask for it.

Don't give up on Social Media. It can be beneficial to your business. If your ratings drop, go into your analytics and ask yourself why this is happening. Watch closely for rises and falls in engagement to find out what is working for you and what is not. Try posting at different times during the day in order to find out when your posts are seen.

Another thing you can do is hire someone else to do your Social Media for you. This leaves you available to do other important tasks in your business.

Since you are here, Lisa L'Heureux is the author of 7 books. Her work includes the Lisa's Sober Blog Series, This and the Man in the Moon and This One is About Domestic Violence. She lives in Alberta with her family. ​4+ years ago, Lisa took a life-giving "retirement", quitting practicing alcoholism. Facebook Twitter Pinterest

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