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You Don't Want To Miss This

Greetings! Letter from the editor here. I want to invite you to order our gift pack for your loved one today! This is a wonderful unique gift.

Around 80% of Canadians drink. According to the The Chief Public Health Officer’s Report on the State of Public Health in Canada 2015 ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION IN CANADA, "At least 3.1 million of those Canadians drank enough to be at risk for immediate injury and harm with at least 4.4 million at risk for chronic health effects, such as liver cirrhosis and various forms of cancer."

This doesn't mean that everyone has a drinking problem. But the facts are that many of us know someone who does or has been impacted by alcoholism.

In the gift pack, you get three books, Lisa's Sober Blog Books 1,2 & 3. Lisa, a once daily drinker, recounts some of her day-to-day experiences and also what happened during drinking days and after treatment. Lisa tells her story with honesty and as much humor as such a tale would allow. In book 3, you will find a nutshell account of some of Lisa's past, being adopted and raised in a Caucasian family in Saskatchewan for a time and eventually moving west to Calgary as a teenager.

Surprise your loved one today!

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