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Licences And Permits-Starting A New Business 8

The first thing to do in obtaining a business licence would be to find out what licence your business needs. There may be several or there may be only one. Go to the internet to find out what licence your business needs.

In Alberta, that's where our HQ is, there is a handy site called BizPal. Their website address is or They are a Canadian online business licence and permit tool, very handy for finding out the specific licences and permits needed to run a variety of businesses. They will not have information regarding small town businesses or licences at this writing.

Another handy online tool is the Canada Business Network with the website address to find out the licences or permits needed for every level of government in Canada. This site will not have information for small towns or hamlets.

Finally, is the link at for all the permits, licences and registration information they have.

If you live in a small town or hamlet go to the town hall and request information on small business in the town. It might be that they do not require one to have any sort of licence or permit to do business. In that case, be sure that you have any provincial licence you might need.

For a business that travels or sells product in a different location from their base, a special licence may be needed in the city that they are selling in. Businesses that sell door to door need a special licence to do that.

Once you know what licences and permits your business needs then purchase, either in person or over the internet, whatever is convenient and available for you.

It is important to get your business set up properly. Also, have fun!

Researching what licences and permits a business needs

Researching what licences and permits a business needs. Photo free from Wix

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