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Registration: Starting A Business Part 7

By now, we have done targeted market research, put our idea in front of others, have the funds we need and named our business. We have our business plan worked out. It is a formidable task to get it all done and put together. It is time to get the business registered.

Search business registration (in your country) on the internet and find out where the business needs to be registered.

I went to the licensing bureau to get my business registered with the province. To register it with the government of Canada, I phoned the Canada Revenue Agency and they helped me register over the phone.

If the business makes more than $30,000. a year, then the latter is mandatory. If the business does not make that much but hires another employee, then the government registration is mandatory. A business must have a registered number in order to charge tax on their product.

If going to the registry, don't forget all the important documents. There is a form that needs to be filled out with the business name, date of commencement and signed. It cost me under a hundred dollars to do the registration at the registry and the government registration never cost anything.

Next we will look at licenses.

Register the business and sign the forms.

Register the business and sign the forms. Photo By Wix

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