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Part 5 Starting A New Business: Name

Now that all the research is finished and we have figured out what type of organization we are going to have it is time to give ourselves a name. Researching a name takes time. Some other businesses may have the same name. Do not despair, using the internet search engines, finding a name can be fun and easy! Ask your friends and family what they think of your name too. You may find that your name is too focused on a specific product and doesn't allow for expansion later on.

First, brainstorm! Write down every name you have in mind for your business. This will give you a good list of names to start researching from. Making a note as to why a certain word or name has been chosen is nice to have in case this is the name you end up being able to use. Consider your business vision for the future and make sure your name embraces that vision.

Second, research! Again, hit up the internet for this. Type in each potential name, starting with your number one pick, in case this name is free. Many times you may find that a certain name you really want has been, in part or in whole, used by a different company. Now, how much do you want your name? Say the names are similar, calling up the company and talking about this to their PR might turn out that they don't even mind if you go ahead with your name. If the two are exactly alike, this may not be a possibility. A person can try buying the name from the other company if there's plenty of money for that. Otherwise, go onto the next name.

Once a name has been researched and found to be clear to use, try it out to your friends and family, to see what they think. When I was naming Lisa's e-Store and More, I had first chosen Susan's Second-Hand. A certain friend I used to have laughed and laughed, saying that it reminded her of something dirty. I tried then, Susan's Silk Purse, and another friend said it reminded him of a pig's ear. He also pointed out that I was selling more than purses at the time.

Now that you have found your name. Your friends and family are on board in agreement that it is a great name, get ready for the next big step to financial freedom and the life you have always wanted!

Blank business card. What will the name of your business be?

Article by Lisa L'Heureux, Part 5 Starting A New Business: Name Photo by Wix

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