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From This One Is About Domestic Violence:


Sometimes I wonder how it is that someone who wants to be with another person so badly they spend waking hours dating, shacking up, hoping, crying and trying over again cannot find their one true love. I found my true love once, twice, thrice, I can't remember.


This is how this book is going to go. I feel deeply about the subject at hand. So deeply, in fact, that I have written this book based on my experiences with Domestic Violence. It is going to be serious and perhaps amusing at times. If you have read any of my other books then you know my writing style and my sometimes odd sense of humour.

Now don't get me wrong, I know that Domestic Violence is no laughing matter, I totally get that. I also find that if I can't have a laugh, enjoyment or an interesting story at the end of all this, then what can I have? My life is not wasted and I don't believe anyone's really is. I think everyone can help someone; I've seen small children help each other.

This book will touch on some violent detail and weighty matter. It will focus on my own experiences of being with partners which had emotionally, physically, sexually and mentally abused me. I will relate how I was able to extricate myself and eventually live in relative safety. In this book, you may see that the fear does not go away, in some cases.

I still wake up in the night after a bad dream and listen for the breathing beside me.

Am I safe?

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