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New Lisa L'Heureux - Rise

Lisa is the second child of her biological mother. Bio mom, a young Cree woman, had been a resident of the residential school system. Lisa's biological father, from Onion Lake, Saskatchewan, had passed away. Lisa was adopted as a young girl. She was raised for around ten years with her Caucasian family in Saskatchewan about an hour away from her bio mom's home reserve where her grandfather had been chief long ago. As a teenager, now a child of divorce, Lisa went off into the world to see what was in store for her.

While working on fixing all the various problems Lisa had while straightening things out after a life consisting of some misery, she was unable to drive as she had no driver's licence. As she was living "out in the country" at the time, there was not much available "in town" to make any money. Having unlimited access to the world-wide-web, Lisa started a business and connected with an online community, offering exclusive products and services.

Lisa's e-Store since 2014.

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